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Healthy soup & juice plans made from 100% natural ingredients

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Try our famous soup and juice fast!

Our Soup & Juice Fast Plan contains a mix of our current hot and cold best sellers you’ll come to love.

Our vegan soup & juice food plans are prepared fresh every day, using the finest ingredients we can find to deliver real, honest flavour. Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food and juices.

Each day contains…

  • 2 x 500ml Fruit or Vegetable Juices
  • 2 x 300g Vegan Soups
  • Approx 1000 calories per day


Get the vitamin turbo injection you need with our Soup and Juice Fast.
Refuel your body with our super nutrients – perfect detox option if you
fancy switching things up a bit with hot, wholesome and hearty fresh
soups as well as our alkalizing juices.

Alkaline foods gently restore the body’s pH levels back to their
rightful balance. These foods are known to keep blood pressure down
whilst soothing the digestive system and upping those energy reserves…
and our soups and juices are full of them!

The Soup and Juice Fast is extremely popular in Europe – especially
healthy Alpine settings such as Germany and Austria – where fasting with
both soup and juices is a popular option for effective and sustainable
weight loss.

Once you’ve made your choice of Juice Cleanse, let us know about any
allergies or food intolerances you have, and tell us what your exact
goals are – then we’ll put together your personal Juice Cleanse to make
sure you get the very best results based on your exact needs. Next up,
pick a date for your first delivery and get fasting.


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