Vegetable Juice Cleanse


Healthy fruit & vegetable juices made from 100% natural ingredients

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Try a selection of our favourite fruit and vegetable juices.

Our Vegetable Juice Cleanse contains a mix of the best veg you’ll come to love.

Our plant-based / vegan food plans are prepared fresh every day, using the finest ingredients we can find to deliver real, honest flavour. Simply select the package that is right for you, choose your start date and duration, and look forward to your first delivery of wholesome food and juices.

Each day contains…

  • 5 x 330ml Vegetable Juices
  • 1 x 330ml Coconut Water
  • Approx 600 – 700 calories per day

Vegetable Juice Cleanse UK // Drink Your Greens

Jump on the green train and get alkalized! All our Vegetable Juice Cleanses are made from freshly hand-pressed produce and jammed full of feel-good nutrients, vitamins and yummy superfoods. Our Vegetable Juices are 85% pure vegetable, so get ready to sip on wholesome medleys of beetroot, kale, carrots, spinach, celery and cucumber. And the other other fifteen per cent? That’ll be the apples and pears we blend in for taste. All our Juice Cleanses carry low carbon footprints, too – our fruit and vegetables are 100% natural and sourced locally from our favourite farms.

All we need from you is commitment and time – we’ll take care of the rest. To help you achieve the best results from your cleanse please read our pre-detox guidelines before you start.


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