Signature Cleanse



Prices and Duration

1 Colon Hydrotherapy + Enema 90 min
1 Lymphatic Massage 35 min
1 Iyashi Dome – Detoxification Treatment  30 min
2 Day Raw Juice Cleanse
Price  £215

Hit your body’s reset button with our rejuvenating and detoxifying Signature Cleanse package at MyDetoxDiet Greenwich. The ultimate deeply cleansing package consisting of four powerful treatments that will completely detoxify your body inside out. At MyDetoxDiet Greenwich you will be equipped with all you need to effectively eliminate toxins, combat digestive issues, achieve that glowing skin and dramatically improve moods and sense of wellbeing. Be prepared to emerge feeling cleansed, clear and in control


Mydetoxdiet invites you to book and enjoy a Signature Cleanse in our convenient detox centre located Greenwich in London.


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