Facial Hair Removal Threading

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Facial Hair Removal Threading




Blackheath SPA, Greenwich SPA


Eyebrows 20 min, Full Face with Soothing Cold compress 45mins, Lip/Chin/ 10 mins, Sides of Face 15mins

Prices and Duration

Eyebrows 20 min £15
Lip/Chin/ 10 mins £9
Sides of Face 15mins £13
Full Face with Soothing Cold compress 45mins £35

The Ancient art of Threading is a custom hair removal practice within Asia and the Middle East.

100% Natural Antibacterial thread is doubled around the therapists hands twisted, and then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, lifting the hair from its follicle, hairs are removed in lines refining and smoothing surface areas. This is an ideal method for Eyebrows and unwanted Facial Hair.

Our brow threading technique is complimented with an application of a contour mineral powder which assists with contouring and defining the Brows.

Mydetoxdiet invites you to choose the most convenient location for you to enjoy a facial hair removal. Select from our Spas located in Blackheath and Greenwich in London.