Enemas and Wellness Packages

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Enemas and Wellness Packages

A strong, deep and intensive massage by working on muscles, joints and tissues. Helps to relax while increasing oxygen and blood flow. Helps to improve the metabolism and relieves sore and overworked muscles. Perfect for athletes as it improves circulation and mobility.

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Colonics and Enemas: What’s the Difference?

A deeply cleansing coffee enema or herb enema can be performed as part of your standard colonic hydrotherapy session – this is a fabulous rejuvenating and detoxifying treatment which takes around 90 minutes to complete in full. You can read all about the colon hydrotherapy procedure and its countless health and wellbeing benefits here.

Essentially, the basic principles of both treatments are the same. Both methods use the introduction of filtered water to help stimulate the colon and encourage the movement and disposal of waste and toxins in the system.

A colonic treatment involves introducing a soothing flow of water throughout the colon, where one tube draws water in and a secondary tube carries compacted faecal matter and other waste out of the body and away into sanitary disposal unit. Flowing at a frequency that is comfortable, safe and manually controlled by your therapist, water flows around the colon, gently encouraging waste buildups to come away and flow back out of the tubing. Your therapist will monitor the waste coming away, and make small adjustments to the speed and temperature of the water according to your body’s response. This is a sanitary and safe procedure, carried out by a trained therapist.

With an enema, on the other hand, a specific quantity of water is drawn into and held in the lower section of the colon (normally the lower 6-8 inches) for a period of around 15 minutes, before being expelled – along with waste and faecal matter which has, through this gentle process, become softened and dislodged. This is a cleansing and deeply healing process for the body, which encourages and improves peristalsis– the muscle contractions which move food along the digestive system smoothly - through toning and revitalising the digestive organs. We couldn’t recommend it more.

Combining these two therapies in one session, by following up your hour-long colon hydrotherapy treatment with a thirty-minute coffee enema, enables a more thorough cleanse overall. The coffee enema serves to further soften and extricate any matter left behind after the colonic, leaving you feeling lighter, clearer and more revitalised.

So Why Coffee Enemas?

Organic coffee is a powerful detox product, thanks to fascinating compounds within coffee which stimulate the liver to produce something called Glutathione S transferase. This protein is known for its detoxifying properties, binding itself to harmful toxins before these are then released from the body along with the coffee solution. The liver is one of the body’s organs that can suffer the most from the toxic effects of our environment, what we consume, and our habits. Even stress, pain and depression is toxic. From toxins in the food we eat to the pollutants we ingest through pesticide-treated produce, the medications we take to the carcinogens in the polluted air we breathe, our liver often bears the brunt of our lifestyle and therefore harbours toxins, manifesting in ailments such as weight gain, headaches and skin conditions. A coffee enema will also stimulate the liver to produce more bile and improve its overall metabolic function, which helps encourage the expulsion of parasites and candida in the system, alleviating bloating and improving digestion.

A coffee enema is also a superb complementary therapy to try whist undertaking a juice cleanse or a period of fasting – all the more so when combined with a preliminary, cleansing colon.


Tell Me About the Herbs enemas…

We offer several herb enemas – different tailored blends of natural remedies which gently treat different intestinal complaints. Our traditional herbal enema is a highly anti-spasmodic treatment which helps to reduce the discomfort of gas and bloating, which can be particular problems for those with IBS. This comforting blend includes lobelia herb, wild yam root, motherwort herb, raspberry leaf and peppermint.


The Aloe Vera enema is especially beneficial for those suffering from haemorrhoids, thanks to the soothing and healing properties of this wonderful plant.  This particular treatment is also recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis, since Aloe Vera also heals the intestinal tract.


Our Anti-Parasite enema uses a special blend of herbal remedies especially formulated for treating harmful parasites in the bowel. This healing blend includes wormwood, clove bud, German chamomile and black walnut.


Burdock root is a powerful natural remedy for eliminating calcium deposits, improving kidney and bladder function, and purifying the blood. This particular enema is also a great shout if you have skin problems.

Combining a Spirulina enema with a fasting programme is an efficient way to complement the cleansing detoxification process, since cleansing Spirulina plankton is absorbed into the walls of the bowel, strengthening the organs and aiding the natural process of peristalsis.

Cat’s Claw is a powerful immune-booster which helps restore bacterial levels within the gut. A deeply healing natural aid, a Cat’s Claw enema can also help rid the body of natural parasites enema will cleanse the colon and gently treat the symptoms of common bowel issues such as Chron’s disease, colitis, diverticulitis, haemorrhoids and leaky gut syndrome.

As you might already know if you enjoy a restful cup of Camomile tea, this is a calming herb which encourages relaxation in the digestive system. A Chamomile enema can soothe an irritated colon, easing the uncomfortable cramps and spasms caused by gas or inflammation. These wonderful enemas can also help treat complaints such as insomnia, haemorrhoids and nausea.

We also offer wheat-grass and probiotic implants as a follow-up treatment to your herb enema, where a small amount of either blend is introduced into the rectum with a small, hygienic syringe and a fine rectal tube. The wheat-grass implant comprises pure chlorophyll juice, which is high in magnesium and therefore a great antidote to constipation and a strong immunity-booster. The probiotic implant blend helps to restore and neutralise the gut’s natural bacteria levels, encouraging healthy digestion and efficient absorption of nutrients. Both implants are the perfect way to complete your cleanse.


Further reported benefits of enemas: 

  • Cleanses the blood
  • Reduces bloating
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Invigorates cell production and repair
  • Brightens and clears the skin and eyes
  • Sharpens mental clarity
  • Diminishes sense of sluggishness
  • Eases symptoms of depression

Mydetoxdiet invites you to choose the most convenient location for you to enjoy our enemas and wellness packages. Select from our Spas located in Greenwich in London.

Any questions about our coffee enema and colonic hydrotherapy treatments? Give us a call today on 0208 305 9113 and we’ll be more than happy to talk it over with you, explaining the process in more detail. 

*As with any juice cleanse or detox plan,weight loss results may vary based on individual users, and it is important to maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle. We are proud to have a strong base of repeat customers who rely on MyDetoxDiet and are testament to the quality of the products we offer.


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