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We live in a toxic world – stress creates toxins in the body, we inhale pollution in our air and food, develop allergies, fatigue and cellulite. These toxins and heavy metals are harmful, and often the body will react by retaining water in order to dilute them. Before reaching a saturation point, the body will produce fat in reaction to the volume and this generates weight gain. The heavy metals cannot mix with water so are assimilated into the fat cells in our bodies.

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1 Wellness Colonic + 1 Iyashi Dome - Detoxification treatment £85

Get 1 Wellness Colonic + 1 Iyashi Dome - Detoxification treatment!


A new you – purified, light as a feather, cleansed, less bloated and ready to take on the world!


Colonic = Detox

There are many pre-conceived ideas of what colonic hydrotherapy is and we are going to try to enlighten you as to what is actually involved in the treatment. What we do know is that after your first colonic irrigation treatment you will feel brighter, lighter, revitalised and cleansed from within.

Colon hydrotherapy is not a modern treatment and in fact, was practised thousands of years ago. Although the technology has advanced, the principal and method remains the same and millions of people have experienced from the benefits of keeping their colon fully functional and clean.



The process burns up to 600kcal a session, and purifies and clears the skin in-depth.

The Iyashi Dôme is a tool for health and beauty

  • – Refinement and improvement of the silhouette – burns up to 600 calories a session
  • – Beneficial for skin – anti-aging effect – makes skin softer and appearing younger
  • – Great for joint pain and muscular relaxation


The Iyashi Dôme was developed to counteract this – it is a revolutionary organic-based far infrared therapy to produce perspiration. This makes it possible to purify, regenerate and get slimmer by balancing the body.


Mydetoxdiet invite you to book and enjoy a special detoxification treatment in our convenient detox centre located Greenwich in London.


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