Candida Cleanse

Candida Cleanse


3 Colon Hydrotherapy + 2 Enemas
6 Day Vegetable Raw Juice Cleanse

Colon Hydrotherapy

There are many pre-conceived ideas of what colonic hydrotherapy is and we are going to try to enlighten you as to what is actually involved in the treatment. What we do know is that after your first colonic irrigation treatment you will feel brighter, lighter, revitalised and cleansed from within.

Colon hydrotherapy is not a modern treatment and in fact, was practised thousands of years ago. Although the technology has advanced, the principal and method remains the same and millions of people have experienced from the benefits of keeping their colon fully functional and clean.

Vegetable Raw Juice Cleanse

Time to wipe the slate clean with a Raw Juice Cleanse – it’ll revitalise both your mind and your body in one hit. Are you ready? Our wholesome raw Juice Cleanses are cold pressed and bring together the freshest natural ingredients – a truly joyful union of alkalizing produce. Our handy bottles are crammed full of alkalizing produce like raw berries, kale, spinach, greens and other tasty superfoods. Sip your way to a revitalized mind and body, and watch the weight come down*.  To help you achieve best results from your juice cleanse, have a read through our pre-detox guidelines before you get cracking. Enjoy!.

Mydetoxdiet invite you to enjoy our Candida Cleanse treatment at our luxury Beauty Salon and Spa located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich with easy access from public and private transport. Book now!


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