7 Day Renew Plan


7 Days to replenish your energy levels

Our 7 Day Renew Plan comes with FREE DELIVERY!

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For the first three days you’ll be receiving 5 x 330ml juices and either a coconut water or homemade lemonade per day. The juices consists of a selection of fruit and vegetable providing you with the needed nutrition to restore your energy and give you digestive system a well deserved break.

After that you will receive a 500ml juice in the morning, Mid-morning you’ll hydrate with a 330ml juice, and Lunch is one of our chef-prepared, plant-based meals, followed by another 330ml juice to see you through the afternoon. Dinner is one of our plant-based super soups. After 7 days you should feel refreshed, with more energy, brighter skin with a renewed sense of self!

Our 7 Day Plan contains…

For the first 3 days, each day contains:

  • 5 x 330ml juices per day, a mixture of fruit and vegetable
  • Either a coconut water or homemade lemonade

For the remaining 4 days, each day contains:

  • Wake up breakfast: 500ml juice
  • Mid-morning: 330ml juice
  • Lunch: 300g plant based lunch
  • Afternoon: 330ml juice
  • Dinner: 300g plant based dinner

This plan contains approx. 1200 calories per day for the last 4 days and approx. 600 calories for the first 3 days

DELIVERIES: This plan contains two deliveries.


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