10 Day Reset Plan


10 days of plant-based / vegan, fresh food!

Our 10 Day Reset Plan comes with FREE DELIVERY!

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Push the reset button and let us take you on a 10 day journey to a new you.

Over 10 days we’ll take you on a full body reset without compromising on flavour or nutrition. Giving your body a break from any animal products, while providing you with a range our our cold-pressed juices, plant-based meals and soups. Our 10 day Reset plan will give you brighter skin, improved energy, stronger hair and nails, better sleep, healthier habits, increased motivation and fat loss.

Each day you’ll start your morning with a 500ml juice for breakfast providing you that on the go energy. Mid-morning you’ll hydrate with a 330ml juice, and Lunch is one of our chef-prepared, plant-based meals, followed by another 330ml juice to see you through the afternoon. Dinner is one of our plant-based super soups. After 10 days you should feel refreshed, with more energy, brighter skin with a renewed sense of self!

Each day contains…

  • Wake up breakfast: 500ml juice#
  • Mid-morning: 330ml juice
  • Lunch: 300g plant based lunch
  • Afternoon: 330ml juice
  • Dinner: 300g plant based dinner
  • Around 900 – 1200 calories per day

DELIVERIES: This plan contains three deliveries, every three/four days.

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