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We were pleasantly surprised by Mydetoxdiet.
We’ve done several juice diets these over the years so know what we are talking about! The juices tasted fresh and healthy, and the soups were great because the were not only tasty, but they made you feel full. In the past when we’ve done juice diets we’ve always suffered hunger pangs which makes it difficult not to cheat, however with Mydetoxdiet, this wasn’t the case. We’d definitely recommend it and look forward to starting our next detox plan.
Angellica Bell and Michael Underwood
TV Presenter

“It was a fantastic experience…”
“It was a fantastic experience and I think it will improve my overall way of eating and living altogether. I’m not sure how often I would do it but I will definitely do it after Christmas when tend to eat and drink far too much of the stuff that I now I shouldn’t. I will definitely do the dome again, even without the diet… I thought they were great, and the girls that administered them were very professional and flexible… Loved it!”
Christopher Spiteri

“I just wish I had a dome at home!…”
“As a health and beauty writer, I get to try a lot of treatments that promise incredible results. In my experience, not many of them deliver – but the infrared dome really does seem to help with everything from joint pain to fat burning. As well as leaving my skin feeling firmer, I’ve also found it relieves muscle tension in the neck and shoulders and helps boost circulation. I suffer from Raynaud’s disease, a condition that affects the circulation, but since having regular sessions on the dome my symptoms have improved. Although it’s a relaxing treatment, I feel energised afterwards and it’s always a bonus to burn off some fat – in my case, at least 300g every session. I just wish I had a dome at home!”
Trish Lesslie

“I would thoroughly recommend the treatment to anyone….”
“I first heard about the treatment through a very enthusiastic article in the Daily Express and decided to give it a go. I was amazed that from the first session results were apparent and ever since I have continued to book treatments on a regular basis. I am very pleased to say that my results remain very positive and there are definite benefits which result including weight loss, better wellbeing and an all round feeling of much improved health. The treatment itself is very much like being on a beach in a hot climate. Sweating profusely is the name of the game to get the most from the treatment. After 15 minutes of lying on your front you turn over. The temperature can be changed to suit you so to begin with probably a lower setting is best. It can also be turned up or down during the treatment. Before, during and after the treatment the staff make you feel very welcome and are only a shout away should you need them. At the start your statistics are taken and again at the end. Every time I have been my figures have got better which is why I keep coming back. I would thoroughly recommend the treatment to anyone, whether they want to lose weight, tone up or simply wish to improve their overall health. It is very relaxing (the lights are dimmed and soothing music plays during the treatment) and inexpensive especially for a frequent user like me. The setting in a health store is also great because after you can browse and buy health products or even enjoy healthy food. I have recommended friends take the treatment and they confirm my experience and are also regular users now.”
Steven M

“If you haven’t tried it already, then I recommend that you do….”
“I had not heard of Iyashi Dome prior to attending my first session, so naturally I was very curious about the benefits of this treatment. I found my first session extremely relaxing and it has been beneficial in helping to relive some tension in my shoulders and neck. I’ve been to a few sessions now and I have really noticed a big improvement to my body. My skin feels silky smooth, my fat mass has decreased and I’m starting to see more muscle detention in my arms, legs and stomach. I think the Iyashi Dome is a fantastic way to detox and improve your overall health. If you haven’t tried it already, then I recommend that you do. My only regret, is it that I had not discovered this treatment much sooner.”
Lorna Smith

“Thoroughly recommended….”
“This was my first time visit to have a Japanese treatment called the Iyashi Dome. It is similar to having a MRI scan as you whole body is in a cocoon based dome. basically it is ultra violet heat on your body like a sauna effect, thus allowing you to sweat buckets. They say you can lose upto 600 calories in 30 mins. It was a superb theraphy and indeed I did sweat bucket loads. It was certainly value for money and I regret I did not purcase more through Wahanda’s offer. The therapist was really helpful and friendly and her advice was really beneficial for my life style as she is also a qualified nutritionalist. Thoroughly recommend and will certainly be taking up the current promotion of 2 visit for the price of 1 at £55.”

“Excellent treatment for weight loss….”
“Excellent treatment for weight loss, or getting rid of toxins. Nice facilities and lovely customer service.”

“I would definitely go again ….”
“Very good value for a taster session, I really enjoyed it. It was a completely new experience for me! Nice atmosphere, lovely friendly staff. I would definitely go again and maybe book more than 1 session.”

” I love this treatment & if you haven’t tried it already, then I recommend you do….”
“I enjoyed my first session so much, that I have now purchased a further 10! I found the session extremely relaxing & it also helped to relive some pain that I had experiencing for a number of weeks in my shoulder. The treatment left my skin feeling silky smooth and toned. I love this treatment & if you haven’t tried it already, then I recommend you do.”
Lorna S

“Will definitely be going again…..”
“The Iyashi Dome treatment at Mydetox diet is a great experience. The staffs are always really friendly and keep you at ease throughout the whole process – will definitely be going again.”

“I certainly felt refreshed after it……”
“The lady was excellent in her explanations for the benefits and the dome was relaxing even with the sweating. The printout showed good results and I’m sure if you could keep this up on a regular basis it would have great benefits I certainly felt refreshed after it.”
B. Schgal

“A really relaxing experience……”
“I was a bit sceptical about this treatment but the therapist talked me through it and showed me the results before and after and in fact i had shed some weight following the heating – was also a really relaxing experience after a busy day at work.”

“My skin felt amazingly soft after……”
“After my Christmas excesses I was intrigued by Iyashi dome’s claims of weight loss by just lying down! I thought the dome might feel a bit claustrophobic but there was plenty of room to move around & I felt comfortable. The first 10-15 minutes not a lot happened but I sweated buckets the last 10 minutes. My skin felt amazingly soft after the session & I lost a pound so would highly recommend it.”
Victoria O

*As with any juice cleanse or detox plan,weight loss results may vary based on individual users, and it is important to maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle. We are proud to have a strong base of repeat customers who rely on MyDetoxDiet and are testament to the quality of the products we offer.