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-Post Guidelines-

The recovery days following your detox diet are just as crucial to your success as during your detox. Your body has to be carefully re-introduced to fat, proteins and salt. If you consume these ingredients too quickly without giving your body some adjustment time you will shock your system. This could result in complications of the gastrointestinal tract in the form of flatulence, diarrhoea or colic. Your cardiovascular system is another part of your body which could be affected.

It’s vitally important to take the habits learned during your detox diet into your everyday life. See how you can incorporate new habits with the old – swap your afternoon caffeine kick with herbal tea, for example, or replace your mid-morning snack with a healthy alternative.

Be careful not to overload your body with sugar and salt or your weight loss may be short-lived and result in the “yo-yo” dieting effect.

Some tips for a healthy lifestyle:

  • 1) Avoid black tea, coffee and alcohol. Instead drink herbal tea, for example nettle is great at supporting the kidneys.
  • 2) Drink at least 1 litre of water per day – ideally more. Keep a bottle by your desk and sip regularly – you’ll be amazed how easy it is if you drink little and often.
  • 3) Drink fresh juices like carrot, beetroot, apple and cucumber. They are fantastically nourishing and cleansing.
  • 4) Avoid processed food such as ready meals and savoury snacks and biscuits. Wherever possible, eat food in its natural state. Cook it by steaming, lightly boiling or poaching – this way you will keep most of the goodness in the food (and retain the full flavour).
  • 5) Chose organic food in order to minimize your intake of toxic pesticides. Even if you can’t make every item organic, do the best you can – it will make a difference.
  • 6) Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day – ideally more. At lunchtime and for dinner, aim to cover at least 60% of your plate with vegetables and eat as much variety as possible.
  • 7) Reduce your consumption of animal products. Avoid dairy and replace milk with soya or nut milks. Lentils, beans, quinoa, seeds and nuts are good protein alternatives.
  • 8) And finally, you can support a healthy lifestyle by getting a good night’s sleep, trying yoga or pilates, treating yourself to a massage or infrared dome session and exercising regularly.


By looking after your body you will give yourself the best chance to stay healthy and enjoy life to the full.


*As with any juice cleanse or detox plan,weight loss results may vary based on individual users, and it is important to maintain a balanced diet and active lifestyle. We are proud to have a strong base of repeat customers who rely on MyDetoxDiet and are testament to the quality of the products we offer.