Our customers often ask us what the big deal is with cold pressed juices, so we thought we’d take some time to explain why we think they’re so marvellous. All our delicious juices are cold pressed in order to extract the maximum amount of nutrients
mydetoxdiet on the beach
Life’s a Beach! Yippee! Summer is officially here and the beach is beckoning. We’ve got every juice, supplement and detox program you could possibly need for a pre-holiday detox or raw juice cleanse if you’ve got a couple of pounds you’d like to shift, but
Colon Hydrotherapy treatment and benefits
One of our most popular spa therapies is colon hydrotherapy. Offering wonderful benefits like increased energy, reduced tummy bloating, weight loss and clearer skin, our colonic treatments are especially effective when paired with a detox program or Iyashi Dome sessions. People come to us for