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There is one thing that scientists, dieticians and environmentalists all agree on, eating a predominantly plant-based diet is good for our health and our planet. But like any diet, it’s easy to overthink it, over complicate it and ultimately decide not to stick to it.


So, here are our top tips for upping your plant intake in 2020:


1) Understand how to balance nutrients

We would recommend writing a list of your top 20 plant-based ingredients and writing what nutrients they are rich in, stick it on your fridge and hopefully it will prompt artful recipe creations that are nutritionally sound. You should be aiming to get around 40-60% of your calories from carbs, 10-30% from protein and 10-15% from fats.


2) Bust the protein myth

It is now well documented that you can get more than enough protein from plants. However, with plants you do have to be more thoughtful in your ingredient selection in order to ensure you are getting enough protein in every meal. Find your favourite plant-based proteins – think lentils, chickpeas, tofu, sunflower seeds or black beans, there are a surprising amount of options. Trying to get a portion of protein with every meal is important for sustained energy throughout the day.


3) Pack in the flavour

One of the biggest barriers to adopting a plant-based diet is that we think it can’t be as delicious. We obviously couldn’t disagree more, the key is to start with great quality, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. And then be daring with flavour combinations of herbs and spices and find your winning formula. Whether it’s coriander and mint in a stir fry, steak seasoning in your pea soup or fennel and sesame seeds on your sweet potato.



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