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Why it’s time to ditch fad diets and swap to a Vegan Diet

Fad diets often promise us an easy and fast way to lose weight. With those grandiose claims, they sound very tempting, especially for people who struggle to lose even just a little bit of weight. Unfortunately, fad diets often don’t address the core issues that cause weight gain.

In reality, no one can keep adopting fad diets for long and eventually they will regain weight very easily. This is why we need to ditch the fad diet cycle and switch to a healthier vegan diet.

But how do we know that we are dealing with a fad diet? Let’s take a look:

Claims Of Easy And Fast Weight Loss – in reality, it takes a lot of effort to burn excess fat in your body. You need to burn or stop consuming 3,500 calories to lose just a single pound.

Elimination Of A Food Group – some “experts” claim that our body isn’t designed to eat specific foods, like refined wheat products. Their hypotheses sound interesting, but there are no solid evidence to support them. It’s true that people with food allergies, celiac disease, gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance must stop consuming certain foods, but for the rest of us, there’s no scientific reason to avoid some foods.

Require People To Purchase Weight Loss Products – fad diet proponents may urge us to purchase products like metabolism boosters, weight loss aids or fat burners. However, when you read the disclaimer in fine print, you will find, “results may vary”. It may mean that most people won’t lose much weight with these products.

Require People To Combine Certain Foods – without scientific evidence, there are no reasons to believe that certain food combinations could help you lose weight.

Claim That Physical Exercise Is No Longer Necessary – increased physical activities are crucial to burning excess fat and losing weight.

Eating should be pleasurable and nourishing. It’s possible to achieve that with a vegan diet. A vegan diet allows you to swap out empty-calorie foods with nutrient-dense ones. Many vegan dishes are loaded with dietary fibre that can keep you full longer. A vegan diet isn’t a fad diet, because it’s highly nutritious and can keep you feeling satisfied. There are thousands of tasty, low-calorie vegan recipes that you can find online, it’s not just boring salads and bland vegetable soups.


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