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Summer is around the corner – Are you ready yet?

While it might seem like summer will never get here, it is just a couple of months away and that means getting ready for the sun, fun and everything else that summer has to offer. Although we are still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing and business shutdowns, there is hope that it will be resolved before the start of summer.

So if you are dreaming about those beach days, long hikes and warm summer evenings, keep reading for some expert advice on what you should be doing now to get your body and mind ready for summer. Let’s take a look:


Tips For Preparing For Summer…

Get Your Hair Healthy – your hair has gone through the cold, dryness of winter, the wet, rainy spring and it is now ready for the summer sun. Or is it? Get your hair summer ready by making it a habit to condition it at least once a week with a handful of coconut oil or a naturally organic hair moisturising mask.

Start Exfoliating Now – getting your skin ready for the summer sun is as easy as keeping it hydrated and exfoliating often. Use a natural exfoliant that offers nutrients or essential oils which can heal damaged or dry skin.

Re-Evaluate Your Skincare Routine – your skincare routine should be different every season. More moisturiser in the winter, more SPF in the summer and deep conditioning serums in spring and autumn. Re-evaluate your skincare routine for summer and make sure that you have the right products on hand.

Test Out Lighter Makeup – the heat of summer can make wearing your heavier, cold weather makeup almost unbearable. Test out lighter formulas in the latest summertime shades and colours and find what suits you best.

Stock Up On Sunscreen – if you think you have enough sunscreen, aloe and after-sun moisturiser, buy a couple more. You will use a lot of these products throughout the summer and running out on the hottest beach day of the season is not an option.

Care For Your Feet – you might have forgotten about your feet over the winter, but with summer almost upon us, you want to start focusing on them again. Use an all-natural foot scrub weekly to soften up calluses and slather on a heavy-duty moisturising salve at night to smooth cracked heels. Treat your nails and cuticles to a luxurious pedicure and get your feet ready for sandals.

Detox – now that you have the outside of your body ready for summer, it’s time to focus on the inside. Choose an effective all-natural detox that will you get rid of excess waste and toxins and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for summer.


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