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The backlash against social media usage and the related mental health issues has been rife in the past year, not to mention the furore over Facebook’s data protection breach. While there are definite benefits to being switched on digitally, even more beneficial is the time we take to switch off.

  • Check your posture and invest in a good chair to support your back and neck or try a standing desk.
  • Adjust your working space so you’re not always looking down at the screen. Look left and right to stretch your neck.
  • Move around regularly or stand to work, this helps keep the circulation and lymph moving, which will keep oxygen levels up and help to remove toxins.
  • Make sure you keep hydrated both inside & out. Protect skin with moisture boosting products, replenishing regularly throughout the day.Have cool fresh water ready available.
  • Maintain a good distance from the monitor and clean it regularly (to remove dust). Having a clean, organized work space is hugely important when it comes to maintaining your physical and mental well being despite spending long house working.
  • Keep nutrient levels up. A nutrient-rich diet will feed your skin with essentials to protect and nourish. Prepare your snacks in advance to avoid eating sugar free snacks all day.
  • If possible, keep a toxin-removing plant at your workstation, Aloe Vera plants are perfect.


1. Earth yourself!

Take time away from all devices and get some fresh air and contact with nature, aiming for at least 20 minutes of walking outdoors each day. Sitting at a desk all day may not seem harmful, but it is. Being completely sedentary for hours at a time can is not good for your body or your mind.

Instead of slouching over in a chair all day, try setting up a standing desk in your office. This will enable you to spend a bit more time on your feet each day, even while you’re working at your desk. If a standing desk isn’t an option, try replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball.


2. Open the Windows

Workspaces are often filled with allergens, which can leave some people feeling less than their best on a regular basis while they’re working. While you might not be able to remove all of the allergens from your office, you can combat them with some fresh air.

Opening the windows and letting some fresh, outdoor air into your workspace can make a huge difference. It will help to freshen up your office and help to counteract any allergens that might be floating around.


3. Add a Little Bit of Greenery

Working in the office can be tough, especially when it’s beautiful outside and you’d rather be enjoying the outdoors.

When you can’t be outside, bring some of the outdoors in. Add one (or a few) simple plants to your workspace – something green and leafy that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or attention. It will freshen up your work area, plus plants can help improve air quality and can have positive psychological benefits as well.


4. Have Cool, Fresh Water Readily Available

Drinking enough water is very important for your overall well being, so having water readily available at the office throughout the day is imperative.

For most people, bottled water is often more appealing than tap water. To encourage hydration, consider featuring a water bubbler in your office space. It will be a source of refreshment, plus it can serve to spark some impromptu conversations between coworkers.


5. Get Moving

Being stagnant all day is bad for your body and your brain. Make it an acceptable – even celebrated – part of company culture to get moving during the day.

Try hosting walking meetings when possible, talking while strolling rather than sitting in a conference room. Talk a walk or jog at lunch time and encourage those around you to do the same.


6. Embrace Natural Light

Like fresh air, natural light can do a lot to improve a workspace. Natural light has also been shown to improve overall wellness.

Try to flood your workspace with as much natural light as possible and rely as little as possible on artificial light. If that’s not a possibility, make sure you invest in high quality light bulbs and light fixtures that give off high quality, healthy light.


7. Keep It Clean

Having a clean, organized office space is hugely important when it comes to maintaining your physical and mental well being despite spending long house working at the office.


8. Stop Germs in Their Tracks

Do what you can to keep germs at bay in your office, and encourage your coworkers to do the same. There are many easy ways to keep germs from spreading throughout your workspace. These 10 tips for combating office germs are a great start! Keep them top of mind and share them with your coworkers so you can prevent sickness in the workplace and create a healthier work environment.


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