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Don’t forget January is VEGANUARY – Let’s do it together

A well-planned, nutritious plant-based diet or juice cleanse can improve your wellbeing and health. You feel lighter and more energised as you can imagine. Our food is full of flavours without having to compromise on taste.

We deliver directly to your door, ready for you to enjoy throughout the day. No hassle of going food shopping, searching for ingredients or cooking. With our plant based diet and weight loss plans starting from £24 per day (which, truthfully, you could easily spend on food from Pret / Marks… in a day!) – we’ve got you covered.

Here is a sample menu for our delicious soup and juice fast:

Day I:

Berry Antioxidant – Moroccan chickpea soup with white sesame seeds – Super Greens Courgette soup with chickpeas and a hint of curry


Day II:

Pure Detox – Green Pea soup with fresh mint – Raw Super Food – Magic Cabbage soup


Day III:

Vitamin C Blast – Roasted tomato and red pepper soup – Green Pineapple – Carrot and orange soup with ginger



Strawberry Oatis – Butternut squash soup – Vegetable Cleanser – Yellow Pea soup


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