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Get Purged.

It’s time to make amends. It’s time to love your body again. It’s time for a detox diet. So let’s get clean. Wave goodbye to all those nasties floating around your system after years of habit: alcohol, caffeine, junk food – the lot. Take steps to combat the associated ailments of sluggishness, bloating, poor complexion and low self-confidence. Start working towards a happy digestive system and an invigorated, slimmer new you.


Get Cleansed.

So you’ve made the decision to reboot your lifestyle with a detox diet plan and live better. We’re here to help you wipe the slate clean with a thorough juice cleanse before you start afresh. Treat your body to a cleanse from the inside out before you fill up on the good stuff. We’ve got a shop full of alkalizing juices and natural soups, wheatgrass shots and super supplements – just take your pick!


Get Healthy.

If you need a helping hand after your juice cleanse try one of our detox diets – yummy meals crammed full of superfoods and hearty ingredients, delivered to your door for anything from three to thirty days. We’ve lovingly formulated every detox diet plan ourselves (we’re qualified nutritionists) and they’ve been developed by our resident Michelin-starred chef, Peter. All our ingredients are super fresh and sourced from farms and our favourite local wholefood suppliers. My Detox Diet plans are all vegan, but dairy intolerant, gluten and sugar free diets can also be catered for – just let us know.


Get Refreshed.

Many of our clients report sleeping like a baby at night and glowing all day long after detoxing with us. Others rediscover energy reserves they forgot they ever had. Others found that those extra pounds they’d been lugging around started to fall away. Get ready to meet your cleansed, detoxed self.




Detox plans designed for you and delivered to you. It’s all about you!

Like a classic sports car, we think your body should be serviced regularly for optimum productivity. All those toxins and nasties clogging up your engine should be flushed out before you can replenish the body with high performance fuel.

Do this diligently and you will reap the benefits year-on-year or even month-on-month: it might be weight loss, firmer skin, less cellulite, increased metabolism or a stronger immune system. All this could only be a detox away. Our detox plans can also be great for helping shift baby weight and for combating various allergies and skin complaints – just see our testimonials. Our foods and juices are handmade from the freshest local ingredients, and detox plans are carefully formulated by professional nutritionists.

Detox is the ultimate kick-start to a healthier life. The magic ingredient? Commitment.



Our raw Juice Cleanse has been known to turbo-charge the mind and the body: you have been warned! These powerful raw Juice and Soup Cleanses use only the freshest natural ingredients, juiced by hand. Our handy bottles are packed full of raw berries, tropical fruits, greens and superfoods – all great for revitalizing your mind and body and kickstarting your healthy lifestyle with vigour.

Our juice cleanses contain alkalizing goodies and can promote noticeable weight loss – just see our testimonials. Alkaline foods are thought to aid digestion, and arm you against colds, flu and other bugs – and our juices are full of them!


Juice Cleanse UK // Get Lean and Clean

Our Beginner Cleanse. If you’re new to the wonderful world of juice cleansing, this one’s got your name on it. Your first cleanse can be daunting – we’ve been there too – so you can count on our support throughout the cleansing process by sending you handy tips, cheers of encouragement and big virtual high fives directly to your inbox. All we need is commitment and time – your body will take care of the rest.

Our juices are crammed full of lovely supplements and superfoods, carefully selected by our nutritionists. To help you achieve the maximum results from your cleanse, please read our pre-detox guidelines prior to the start date.


Vegetable Juice Cleanse UK // Drink Your Greens

Jump on the green train and get alkalized! All our Vegetable Juice Cleanses are made from freshly hand-pressed produce and jammed full of feel-good nutrients, vitamins and yummy superfoods. Our Vegetable Juices are 85% pure vegetable, so get ready to sip on wholesome medleys of beetroot, kale, carrots, spinach, celery and cucumber. And the other other fifteen per cent? That’ll be the apples and pears we blend in for taste. All our Juice Cleanses carry low carbon footprints, too – our fruit and vegetables are 100% natural and sourced locally from our favourite farms.

All we need from you is commitment and time – we’ll take care of the rest. To help you achieve the best results from your cleanse please read our pre-detox guidelines before you start.


Soup and Juice Fast // Super

Get the vitamin turbo injection you need with our Soup and Juice Fast. Refuel your body with our super nutrients – perfect detox option if you fancy switching things up a bit with hot, wholesome and hearty fresh soups as well as our alkalizing juices.

Alkaline foods gently restore the body’s pH levels back to their rightful balance. These foods are known to keep blood pressure down whilst soothing the digestive system and upping those energy reserves… and our soups and juices are full of them!

The Soup and Juice Fast is extremely popular in Europe – especially healthy Alpine settings such as Germany and Austria – where fasting with both soup and juices is a popular option for effective and sustainable weight loss.

Once you’ve made your choice of Juice Cleanse, let us know about any allergies or food intolerances you have, and tell us what your exact goals are – then we’ll put together your personal Juice Cleanse to make sure you get the very best results based on your exact needs. Next up, pick a date for your first delivery and get fasting.


Our Vegan diets

Cooking can be a challenge in itself without having to find all the right ingredients, cooking instructions and time. In an ideal world we’d all find time to grow our own or at least shop locally for fresh fruit and veg. We’d remember to put the bins out too, and we’d take our vitamins every day. But life gets in the way of all our wholesome ideals sometimes.

So our bespoke detox diets have been specially developed to take all the fuss and faff out of dieting and detoxing. Our detox diets contain no dairy, no sugar, and nothing artificial whatsoever. We really do think of everything – you’ll get all your juices, vegan meals, detoxifying herbal teas and a menu plan to stick on the fridge door. Our menus change seasonally and are designed by a Michelin-starred chef and qualified nutritionist. Just tell us where to send the goodies and get ready to enjoy the nutritious tasty treats we have in store for you.


Detoxing Vegan Diet // Good food delivered straight to your door

Our vegan plans are created from locally-sourced and 100% natural produce. They’re also formulated by a Michelin-starred chef and our qualified nutritionists, so you can expect nothing less than complex tasty meals like paella or cabbage roll filled with tofu and courgette stew, or spicy quinoa salad and vegan raw chocolate bean brownie. The result? A sprightly, slender and sexy new you.
When you order your vegan food plan, we do all the hard work so you can focus your mind and body on the healing and cleansing process.

Daily calorie intakes tend to be set at 1200, though we can adapt your diet to suit your needs, from 900 calories a day up to 1500. We provide you with all your meals for the duration of your plan, plus healthy tasty snacks and herbal teas to brew and sip every day. All this delivered to your doorstep in a nice chilled hamper. Lovely.

You needn’t devote any more of your precious time hunting out natural, vegan, home-grown, eco–friendly, low-carbon or footprint complex foods ever again. We’ve got all that sorted. Your end of the bargain? Commitment. And to drink lots of water (we recommend 1.5 litres a day whilst detoxing).


Weight Loss Plan // Does what is says on the tin: guaranteed weight loss with added yum factor

If you have a big event coming up or just want to shed some weight fast, our vegan weight loss diet might be just the ticket. Wipe the slate clean with a lovely cleanse for the mind and body before treating your body to one of the freshest, cleanest detox diets out there. No salt. No fat. No sugar, artificial colours or preservatives. Just a healthy and balanced eating plan, developed by experts and tailored to your exact needs.

All our meals are carbon-friendly, locally-sourced and 100% natural. Nothing else gets a look in, we promise. Our specially formulated nutritious meals are gourmet standard (did we mention our Michelin-starred chef..?) and are delivered straight to your door (or desk/garden/office) for the duration of your detox diet. We also throw in plenty of tasty healthy treats for snacking on between meals and a selection of detoxifying herbal teas to aid the cleansing process.

You’re a busy bee – we know that already. So you needn’t devote any more of your precious time hunting out natural, vegan, home-grown, eco–friendly, low-carbon or footprint complex foods ever again with us on side. We’ve got all that sorted. Your end of the bargain? A healthy dose of commitment.

If you want to see optimum results from your detox, please read our pre-detox guidelines before you get cracking.

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