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Our annual super sale has started – 20% off all plans!

With Christmas just around the corner and the “Little Black Dress” season on our doorsteps, now is the perfect time to hit the reset button. Our delivery packages were specifically designed to have you feeling more energised, more focused, with a stronger immune system and simply, get that much needed spring in your step for the last busy months of the year. So take advantage now of our great sales and get in the best shape for Christmas.

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My Detox Diet offer weight loss plans aiming to purify the body inside out via alkalizing it. Now, what does that supposed to mean?

Back to ‘introduction to chemistry 101’: Ph is a measurement method to assess the acidity level in an environment. The body’s Ph level or its acidity is measured on a spectrum of 0 to 14. Ph 7 is the equilibrium. Below Ph 7 is acidic and above is alkaline. Within the alkaline state, the body is said to thrive, because unlike the acidic low states of Ph, the alkaline state helps the body maintain its functions. The alkaline state is thus the “healthier state” in which disease is unlikely to occur.

The weight loss plans is thus about bringing the body back to that stage in which the body will thrive. This is done so by frequently eating and drinking food that helps the process: mainly lots of greens.

Some people find it hard to cope with the 4 day weight loss plans. For me it was much easier than any other 6 or 8 day plans. First of all, although you do not get to eat a chocolate bar or buttercup cake with your 5 o’clock tea or get to drink a glass of red wine with your mates after work, you do get to eat a lot and you do get to eat very frequently.

With your weight loss plans, you will receive above all vegetable broths daily, which is like a light vegetable soup and you may use condiments to spice it up (except for salt). You also get to chew your greens in the form of a healthy green salad with pumpkin seeds, green beans and lettuce. You may also use lemon and spices as condiments to add flavour to your simple salad. You are also allowed to eat as many cucumbers and celery as you may like during the day. Hopefully, cucumbers will become your new nuts and chips by the end of these two days.

My Detox Diet offer offer weight loss plans that can be tailor-made in terms of food allergies, dislikes or duration.


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