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Many people will already have an idea of what Colon Hydrotherapy is, unfortunately this can be an off putting or negative understanding of the process and how it works. Many people are easily put off by the idea and avoid it, missing out on many health and vitality benefits that it can offer. Colon Hydrotherapy can offer a great many health benefits, making you feel brighter, lighter and more revitalised. With all the mad health trends that people are trying these days, colon hydrotherapy is a natural healthy process that has been used for centuries and now with modern technology and experience it is better and more beneficial than ever.


What It Is

My Detox Diet offer a great many packages of healthy eating and cleansing packages and massages. Their Colon Hydrotherapy package is a great package, it includes an initial relaxing massage to help you get comfortable and an abdominal massage to help relax the process. This way the process will help reach maximum benefit of reaching the full length of the large colon, not just the lower part that an enema effects. With a gentle flow of water, a therapist will control the speed of water introduced into your colon that will help soften any waste and cleanse the waste, clearing your colon of any waste. The water naturally soothes and relaxes your colon, clearing away unhealthy debris, leaving you feeling lighter, revitalised and healthier.


Why do It?

Modern diets don’t provide all the nutrition that your bodies need, even celebrities with dieticians and personal trainers fail to eat as well as they should. It can be hard with the modern lifestyle to look after your body and eat well. Many people will feel bloated, heavy or uncomfortable after eating food and bowel movements can become uncomfortable and your more delicate regions feeling sore. Colon Hydrotherapy can help clear away unhealthy build up, improve your comfort and make you feel more comfortable and healthy in yourself, you only need to try it once to feel the benefit.


Give It A Try

Visit Our Spa to learn more or to book your appointment now, pick from a variety of amazing services that will have you feeling more revitalised, lighter and healthier in yourself and will have you going back time after time because of all the amazing benefits. Take a step to a healthier lifestyle and visit them.




Detox and rejuvenate with our professional and discreet colonic hydrotherapy treatments. We are extremely passionate about helping people achieve optimum health through detoxification and correct nutrition, and the benefits of a holistic approach.

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