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Our customers often ask us what the big deal is with cold pressed juices, so we thought we’d take some time to explain why we think they’re so marvellous. All our delicious juices are cold pressed in order to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the pulp and fibre of the fruit and vegetables, resulting in the freshest, rawest form of juice you’ll ever come across. We promise! Pop into the shop and see for yourself, or try one of our 3-day raw juice cleanse deliveries.

The Science Bit 
We use top-of-the-range Norfolk Walker juicers to make all of our fresh, cold pressed juices – both the juices we sell in store and the juices we press for the juice cleanse deliveries we make daily all over London and the UK. Ours is a revolutionary two-part juicer with a cutter and grinder as well as a hydraulic press. This machine’s particular type of cuter-grinder mechanism cuts right down to the cellular level of raw foods, which means optimum nutrient extraction for our juices. The hydraulic press – a key feature of all cold pressed juicers – works on the pulp created by the cutter-grinder, exerting even and firm pressure to release all natural fruit sugars, minerals, enzymes and vitamins from the pulp. No other method of juice extraction achieves this level of nutrient preservation, nor the same level of flavour. Trust us: our juices are bursting with flavour and brimming with goodness.

Waste not, Want Not
juice extracted
Compared with other juicing methods, the cold press technique is also more efficient in that it gets considerably more liquid goodness out of every pound of fruit and veg than other methods of juicing. The table above shows how many ounces of juice and just how much wonderful mineral content was extracted from carrots, parsley and celery by our juicer (N) compared to two different juicers using different methods of juicing. The stats speak for themselves!


Keep it Cool
Other juicing methods which involve spinning blades and slicing actions can overheat and oxidise the juice as the fruit or vegetables are torn apart, which leads to significant nutrient loss and a juice with less taste. Centrifugal juicers can make juices quite frothy and chunky, whereas cold pressed juices produce a wonderfully refined nectar.

We’ve got a cold pressed juice for everyone: from healing green juices packed full of super foods like kale and spinach to antioxidant berry juices and vitamin C boosters for those who fancy something naturally sweet but crammed full of goodness. Drop in and see us in store, check out our raw juice delivery plans online, or give us a call on 0208 305 9113 and we’ll talk you through all our latest recipes.

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Susanne and Ilona xx

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