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One of our most popular spa therapies is colon hydrotherapy. Offering wonderful benefits like increased energy, reduced tummy bloating, weight loss and clearer skin, our colonic treatments are especially effective when paired with a detox program or Iyashi Dome sessions.

People come to us for colonic irrigation for all manner of reasons: from general sluggishness to headaches and skin problems, parasites, stress-related issues to weight gain and problems with circulation. This treatment is great for all sorts of ailments, although it can also be used as a preventative measure – a spring clean for your gut, if you like.

So think of the gut as your ‘engine.’ When this becomes overloaded – with toxins, with junk food, with infections and parasites, with environmental stress – it can become sluggish, failing to do its job (ridding your body of waste) properly and allowing a build-up of nastiest to clog your digestive system. Not nice.

And as you can imagine, over the months and years this waste can compact and cause problems with our health: it can affect our energy and our immunity – even the size and look of our tummies. Sound familiar?

Then let us guide you through the colonic hydrotherapy process. A session takes about one hour, and your first appointment will start with an in-depth health consultation with one of our practitioners. Once you have donned your gown and paper underwear you will be guided to lie on your side on the treatment bed, as your therapist checks that you are comfortable, and then gently inserts a speculum into your rectum, which is attached to a clear tube which is connected to the colonic equipment. All the equipment used is disposable, and packaged and stored hygienically. Temperature-controlled and filtered water is then introduced gradually to the colon, flowing at a safe and controlled frequency. Your therapist will monitor the waste which will start to flow out through the clear plastic tubing, making small alterations to the speed and temperature according to your own response to the treatment. They may also apply gentle massage to your abdomen to stimulate movement and relaxation. Normally your first session focuses on re-hydrating the colon, whilst the second and third sessions tend to achieve greater waste removal.

See our spa page for special offers and discounts for booking a course of treatments. If you’re interested in colonics as part of broader detox goals, we’ve put together a selection of packages which incorporate colonic hydrotherapy treatment with other rejuvenation therapies and raw juice cleanses – the perfect combination for increased energy and a blissful sense of wellbeing. Our popular Weekend Cleanse offers you all the benefits of a weekend detox retreat at a price you can afford – just walk-in on a Saturday for your treatments and take your juices home with you!

Do get in touch with us if you have any questions about our colonic therapy treatments – we will be more than happy to talk you through the process and help find the best treatment program for your specific needs.

Susanne and Ilona xx

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