Detox Programs

Why Our Detox Diet Programs?

Our Detox diet Programmes are designed for alkalising your body and cutting right back on sugar, allowing your body to detox itself the way it was meant to! These cleanses are particularly great if you are trying to rid yourself of pesky candida and there are a selection of varied packages including juices cleanses and food depending on which you prefer, and our Slimming Plan which starts on raw juices and eases you into tasty meals and soups.

Our  detox diet plans help you make small shifts that stick. You will feel and look better. Mydetoxdiet’s detox plans are easy to follow, delivering great benefits including improved skin, sleep, digestion, energy, healthy, weight loss, and mental clarity.

We’ll take care of everything you need to cleanse your body and give your digestive system a well-deserved break – supplements and detox & herbal teas are included in all plans, and we will deliver to your home or office for free, at a time agreed with you!


Detox diets are the ultimate kick-start to a healthier life style.  The magic ingredient is your commitment!


All detox diet programs can be ordered online with free delivery. In addition you can visit our shop / restaurant in Greenwich, London. Where you will find wonderful freshly, and tasty meals and juices cleanses!