Every few months I try to keep my mind and body in shape with a detox diet.

Juicing, fasting, or just cutting out wheat, alcohol, sugar and processed foods from my diet does the world of good.
Sometimes I last little more than a day, other times I sequester myself off for the weekend to a retreat (We Care in Palm Springs is my favorite), but usually the best health food companies are based in LA, where I live. That was until I stumbled across Mydetoxdiet on Twitter.

A London-based company that delivers meals and supplements to your home – anywhere in the UK – they’re kind enough to tailor your menu to your likes and dislikes. Which personally, makes me much more likely to last the full four days, if I’m not having to retch when I down carrot juice (don’t ask me why, I just can’t stomach the stuff). You can pick between meal plans or the full-on soup and juices liquid diet, but because I’m on my feet filming long days and traveling a whole lot at the moment, the company created a mix of both plans for me, so I’d get enough energy and fuel into my system. All ingredients are organic, vegan, extremely low in salt and fat, and free of animal protein. You can add chillis and pepper to season your meals, and can drink as much herbal tea and water as you like – the more the better, to really hydrate and flush out your system.

 To avoid boredom, no two meals are the same. Brekkie consisted of a fresh juice, muesli with almond milk or buckwheat and millet porridge.

The porridge was thick, sweetened with a little dried fruit, and utterly delicious. If I could start my mornings every day with a bowl of it, I would. Lunches are mostly soups (chestnut and celeriac, cabbage, vegetable paella), but they’re hearty and chunky, not unappetizing, watery broths like you often get fed on these detoxes. I took the easily portable packs with me on set and heated them up wherever we stopped in the middle of the day – something anyone could do if they’re got a microwave at their place of work.

There are a few powders and pills to add in, including a kelp and nettle tablet, and some fairly non-yummy alka greens, which I chucked in with my soup and therefore didn’t taste. Dinner was also hot and full of flavour: courgette lasagna, a veggie burger, or lentils. And there are sweet snacks too – as someone who craves something sugary after a savoury meal, I was glad of the date and walnut bar, the small portions of fruit, and a yummy berry puree. My hardest problem? Stopping the caffeine. While I’m filming Plain Jane, I’m up by 5am every day and seriously rely on my regular teas and lattes throughout the day. Instead, I started with a herbal tea (I’m not gonna lie, I just don’t like them very much, but peppermint, and cinnamon, are bearable) and I also cut my usually two massive skinny lattes down to a small soya one. Eeek not very virtuous of me I know, but I also believe in listening to your body and doing the best you can to still get the job done. Lying on a sun lounger in Palm Springs and completing a detox is one thing, but working intense 14 hour days and then getting on a flight is another! So if you decide to do this detox diet, talk to the staff beforehand about your lifestyle and routine, they’re very helpful at making things work for you. On the whole though, I stuck to the plan; I felt full and satisfied. Portions are considerably smaller than I’d usually eat, so If a hunger pang got too annoying then I’d scoff a couple of unsalted almonds or Brazil nuts. If I was gonna cheat, I had to cheat well!

By the end of 4 days I had a flat tummy, and my face felt the least bloated it had been in months. My skin was definitely brighter too, and I just felt positive. Maybe it’s the smugness of knowing you’ve treated your body well for a few days, or the health benefits of ridding toxins from your system: either way my state of mind was very happy and empowered. I’d highly recommend MyDetoxDiet to you guys – especially if you need a kick-start to a healthler lifestyle, or you’ve got a bikini you’re determined to fit into this summer!